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a simple and fun app to write messages in colors of your choice

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This simple and fun app will allow you to write messages in colors of your choice. You can also set it as the default messaging app so that you use it as a single app for your messages. You can also view a variety of keyboards with their respective rankings and downloads to give you an idea of the most popular keyboard. The most popular keyboard could also be your own! This app takes messaging to a whole new dimension.

Don't trust us, download it and see for yourself. After all, seeing is believing!

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Linda Birech

Texting is now so much fun!!best app.. love it!

Elizabeth Wangui

An amazing and fun way to text!! It's brilliant.


Great mind keep up the good job!! This Can only get better kudoz.

Neerav Chauhan

Coool app. Keyboard ? ? concept is really awesome and found unique. Good one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all you need to allow the app to make 5DSMS the default app. All your incoming and outgoing messages will then use 5DSMS, with a enriched texting experience
Go to Settings. Here you can create your own characters, words & phrases.
No there is no limit. You can go crazy but then again you want a keyboard that you will remember

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